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    This thread will be updated whenever a new version of the mod is released.

    - Fix crash on launch with 1.14.4-2.3.0-b1 (#149)
    - Fix random dead-lock during rendering on 1.15.2 (#156)
    - Fix skins not loading during rendering on 1.12.2 or older (#157)
    - Fix Edit Keyframe GUI allowing one to position keyframes out of bounds of the timeline (#152)
    - Fix Command Line Arguments not being reset after upgrading, causing rendered video to be corrupted (#148)
    - Fix crash when minimizing window during rendering on Windows (#140)
    - Fix low render distance on skyblock-like (i.e. ones with completely empty chunk columns) maps (#151), this was an error during recording (Play/Pause/Start/Resume feature), existing replays cannot automatically be fixed
    - Fix Quick Mode and spectator keyframes still showing the old replay after manually using the "Edit" replay functionality
    - Fix replay file being created even though auto-recording is off and "Start" has never been pressed (#138)
    - Fix additional 00:00-length replay being saved after "Stop" has been pressed (#147)
    - Fix unecessarily slow saving when only one output replay should be generated (#142)
    - Fix replay name having "_0" suffix even when there's only one output replay
    - Throw a descriptive error when rendering with Sodium which is currently not supported, pending Sodium API changes, see
    - Eventually clean up ".cache" and "raw" files (#143)
    - Draw debug overlay (F3) and tablist on top of replay GUI (#155)
    Update to 1.15.2
    - Rewrite ReplayStudio (powering Start/Stop/Pause/Resume recording, Replay Editor, Quick Mode and entity tracker) to be more robust and more compatible with third-party mods, especially on 1.14+
    - Fix crash when 1.12.x is loaded with third-party mod which ships Mixin 0.8 (we're now shipping Mixin 0.8 ourselves) (#66)
    - Fix spectating via point&click on Fabric
    - Fix miscellaneous issues appearing after rendering has been cancelled (#119)
    - Fix resizing the window on 1.14+ while rendering (and not paused) (#126)
    - Fix hover indication on 1.14+ while rendering with certain GUI-scale (#124)
    - Fix closing the window on 1.14+ while rendering is paused
    - Fix broken translations with newer fabric-api on 1.14+ (#101)
    - Fix crash with WorldDownloader for Fabric (#120)
    - Fix title of Player Overview GUI on 1.14+
    - Fix mouse wheel not working for camera speed adjustment on 1.14
    - Fix timeline getting stuck after playing to the end in 1.8 (and possibly other versions)
    Update to 1.14.4 (dropping 1.14.3)
    - Fix 360 camera stabilization on 1.14
    - Fix crash when config file is corrupted
    - Fix replay recording on certain servers being broken (Badly compressed packet when loading or editing the replay)
    - Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at NetUtil.dataToChunks on certain 1.8(.9) servers after recording and in the Replay Editor
    - Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at SquashFilter$ChunkData.updateLight on 1.14 after recording and in the Replay Editor
    - Fix Unregistered outgoing packet class: …ServerEntityDestroyPacket after recording and in the Replay Editor
    - Fix Value forge.swimSpeed has no mapping for key class …AttributeType with certain 1.12.2 Forge versions after recording and in the Replay Editor
    - Fix java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: …NBTIO.readTag in 1.11.2 and below
    - Fix Value 1 has no mapping for key class …GlobalEntityType on 1.14 after recording and in the Replay Editor
    - Fix random (race condition) crash when loading replay or jumping backwards (seems to be most noticeable on 1.7.10 but should exist on all versions)
    - Fix random freeze when jumping backwards on 1.7.10
    - Fix camera path auto-saving on 1.7.10
    - Fix encoding of special characters in text on MC 1.14 + Windows
    - Fix settings not being saved properly on 1.14
    - Fix failure to record due to NPE when auto-recording is disabled
    - Fix NPE when post-processing recording with (unnamed) markers
    - Fix Value … has no mapping for key class …EntityStatus. errors on 1.14 after recording and in the Replay Editor
    - Fix screenshots in replays producing broken results
    - Fix entity tracker not loading when modded entities exist
    - Fix Replay Editor (and by extension the pause/resume/start/stop feature) swallowing block updates for blocks in the same chunk and column (i.e. same y/16 and same x/z)
    - Fix IOOB exception when postprocessing replays from strange (and frankly broken) servers
    - Fix entity tracker failure popup not opening
    - Fix crash when placing keyframe after entity tracker failed to load
    - Fix recording checkboxes in single-/multiplayer screen not working on 1.12.2 or below
    - Fix Esc always closing all GUIs instead of what it does without the RM (e.g. pressing Esc in the JEI recipe viewer is supposed to bring you to whichever GUI you where in previously)
    - Add support for camera roll on 1.7.10
    - Fix crash on launch on OSX on 1.14+
    - Fix NoSuchFieldException preventing recording on Java 12
    - Fix thumbnail taking on 1.14+
    - Fix recording of certain mobs on Hypixel (fix your mob spawn packets, Hypixel!)
    - Fix items of spectated player not being updated on 1.14+
    - Fix constant equip sound when spectating player with head gear on 1.14+
    - Fix sky when rendering in ODS mode
    Update to 1.14.3 (dropping 1.14.2)
    - Show popup when an error occurs during saving/postprocessing of a replay (instead of only logging the error)
    - Fix random freeze when jumping backwards in replay
    - Fix full brightness(Z) not working for rendering
    - Fix NPE when jumping to the very start of the replay
    - Fix missing textures when rendering in ODS mode
    - Fix GUIs (e.g. chest, crafting table, etc.) opening in replay when recording player opens them
    - Fix IllegalStateException when clicking in certain RM GUIs on the exact same frame as the GUI is updated
    - Fix RM settings being in a different order after every restart of the game
    - Fix second column in RM settings sometimes being partially off-screen
    - Fix crash when quickly double-clicking the "Load"-replay button
    Support for running the Fabric variants of the ReplayMod on pre-release and snapshot versions (with reduced features)
    - Fix the Value "default" has no mapping for key class …WorldType. errors after recording and in the Replay Editor (e.g. replays won't show up in the Replay Viewer after recording)
    - Fix camera being stuck after jumping backwards in replay
    - Fix error popup being off-screen in Replay Editor
    - Fix Replay Editor getting stuck on some errors instead of opening error popup
    - Fix NPE when world somehow becomes null during rendering (having issues reproducing, still waiting for confirmation)
    - Fix main menu and ingame menu buttons when ModMenu is installed
    - Add support for ModMenu (allow opening the Replay Settings via ModMenu's settings button, mark the RM as client-side-only and fix its logo)
    - Allow placing of keyframes even if entity tracker fails to load (mostly relevant for pre-releases and snapshots where failure is very likely). Please nevertheless report entity tracker loading issues when not using a pre-release or snapshot!
    Update to Minecraft 1.14.2 (1.13 has been skipped)
    - Add Quick Mode (reduced replay quality for vastly improved jumping performance)
    - Add option to pause/resume/stop/start replay while ingame (actually always records but automagically applies Replay Editor afterwards)
    - Auto-save/load current camera path (because crashes happen and because some people don't know about X)
    - Add FOV slider for spherical export modes (e.g. for VR180 export)
    - Rewrite Replay Editor user interface to be more powerful (and hopefully easier to use). You can now access it via the "Edit" button in the Replay Viewer screen.
    - Improve rendering performance (custom ffmpeg arguments need to be updated to use bgra format)
    - Improve entity position tracker cache size, saving and loading speed
    - Fix various issues in Replay Editor backend
    - Fix crash when selecting video output location on Windows
    - Fix missing HUD in SP/MP after exiting replay
    - Fix loading of older replays on 1.12.2
    - Fix issue when (automatically) jumping backwards in replay right before rendering
    - Fix bitrate label showing internal language key instead of translation
    - Fix replay camera sometimes staying active after exiting replay (e.g. then in MP) (#134)
    - Fix an issue with replay recovery resulting in zero-length replays (#129)
    - Fix random NPEs in various places of the GUI
    - [1.7.10] Fix NPE when jumping backwards in time
    - [Experimental] Add Export to .blend file (has too many issues, so it's probably not to stay; might be replaced by companion blender addon instead of directly producing .blend files)
    - Fix seemingly random crashes in various GUIs due to "Cannot convert position unless rendered at least once."
    - Fix world sometimes becoming invisible when moving the camera (also caused "NaN" crashes)
    - Fix compatibility with Optifine, yet again, E1+ this time (caused rendered videos with shaders to be horribly broken)
    - Fix entity tracker issue "Value -1 has no mapping for key class MobType" (#131)
    - 1.7.10 is now part of the main tree and should receive fixes and features as quickly as any other version
    - Fix crash when loading replay with Optifine 1.12.2 D1+ (#120)
    - Fix Optifine configuration GUI showing raw, untranslated language keys (#109)
    - Fix modded potion effects breaking ReplayEditor and pathing (#126)
    - Fix crash when quotes in FFmpeg arguments are unbalanced (#119)
    - [1.7.10] Fix custom entities breaking ReplayEditor and pathing (#117)
    - [1.7.10] Fix crash when loading replay with TCNodeTracker (#118)
    - [1.7.10] Fix incorrect y position of recording player
    - [1.7.10] Fix missing chunks in MP recordings
    - Fix dead lock when rendering a camera path which starts earlier in the replay than the current time (#89)
    - Fix race condition when loading replay (especially trimmed ones) resulting in crash
    - Fix trimming of replays not actually trimming anything (#113)
    - Fix recording, among other things, sometimes not working in 1.8(.9) (might also have affected other versions) (#115)
    - Fix invalid TeamColor error when trimming replays on Hypixel (and possibly other highly custom servers)
    - Fix crash when exiting replays (#110)
    - Fix players being floating heads when previously in spectator mode
    - Fix entities being bugged (jittering in place instead of moving) under yet some other circumstances (#111)
    - Some internal changes to allow for easier and faster updates over all (currently 9) major supported MC versions
    - Allow loading of older replays in newer MC versions
    - Extended screenshots while in the Replay Viewer (3D, 360, VR, etc.)
    - To comply with Forge coremod policies, all jar files are now signed
    - Add checkboxes in multiplayer and singleplayer screens to quickly toggle recording
    - Allow hiding of server IPs in Replay Viewer by pressing F1 (#105)
    - Allow mod to be used for setting ReplayRestrictions when loaded on Forge servers (#102)
    - Fix crash when spectating mob dies (#94)
    - Fix entities being bugged (jittering in place instead of moving) after jumping in time (#93)
    - Fix entities being bugged (jittering in place instead of moving) if they are moved greater distances (#93)
    - Fix crash when opening replay with MapWriter on 1.11.2 or below (#96)
    - Fixed camera in replay viewer with BetterSprinting (prior to version 2.0.0) installed (#103)
    - Fixed dead lock at start of rendering if the rendered path is at least one second in the future
    - Fixed selecting of keyframe not deleting selected marker (and vice versa) (#104)
    - Fixed user name in registration page being arbitrarily restricted to at least five characters (#97)
    - Try to handle invalid ffmpeg arguments more gracefully (#77)
    - Try to automatically recover from corrupted entity position tracker cache (#73)
    - Fixed mod loading on incorrect Minecraft version (#82)
    - Fixed exception loading entity tracker on some servers (#80 & missing ARMOR_STAND MobType)
    - Fixed name of invisible ArmorStand with CustomNameVisible not rendering (#72)
    - Fixed slash in replay file names (#71)
    - Fixed initial login GUI not closing on success (#68)
    - Fixed chunks behind camera not rendering during ODS rendering (#67)
    - Fixed render success sound on 1.11+ (#66)
    - Fixed path paused at end of replay resulting in constant reloading (#56)
    - Fixed hiding players in the Player Overview with VanillaEnhancements installed (#79)
    - Fixed invisible entities (e.g. Hypixel's Watchdog ghost users) being visible with Orange's 1.7 Animations installed (#78)
    - Fixed hotbar being visible when spectating player (#83)
    - Fixed camera in replay viewer with BetterSprinting (prior to version 2.0.0) installed (#78)
    - Fixed resource packs not working after jumping in time backwards for the first time
    - Fixed "Open to LAN" on clients with ReplayMod installed (#76)
    - Fixed lockup when opening replay and during replay (#85 & #86)
    - Fixed ReplayMod menu entry being shown on Linux
    - Fixed book GUI not being suppressed during replay (#90)
    - Fixed reply mod being closed when new one is opened via website (#92)
    Update to Minecraft 1.12.1
    - Add confirmation dialog before overwriting path presets (#65)
    - Translations are now managed on weblate
    - Fixed camera rotating the long way around when using Catmull-Rom Spline Interpolator (#8 GH)
    - Fixed visual artifacts in login and register GUI
    - Fixed in-game menu buttons covering other mod's buttons, e.g. World Downloader (#42)
    - Fixed crash when using sync timelines key outside of Replay Viewer (#63)
    - Fixed crash when editing keyframe with different default interpolator than it was saved with (#64)
    - Fixed crash when entity tracker failed to load (#50)
    - Fixed unintentional reload of all resources after game startup (caused significantly higher loading time on large mod packs)
    - Fixed missing tooltips in various places
    - Fixed upload replay button not updating when name or tags are invalid
    - Fixed crash when receiving Replay|Restrict plugin message (#16 GH)
    - Fixed crash when saving changes to the last keyframe in the edit GUI (#61)
    - Fixed crash when moving keyframe past another such that it is now the last one (#62)
    - Fixed crash when changing the time of a keyframe in the edit GUI and subsequently removing that keyframe
    - Fixed GUIs of other mods not always showing on startup
    - Fixed OpenEye being installed into the wrong folder when using the new launcher on OSX
    - [1.12] Fixed advancements and recipe unlocks showing during replay (#69)
    - [1.12] Fixed crash on recording with Forge build 2348+
    Update to Minecraft 1.12
    - Added Catmull-Rom Spline interpolation
    - Added option to set interpolaton on a per-keyframe basis
    - Number input fields no longer require there to be at least one digit
    - All communication with now uses https instead of http
    - Fixed crash when server responds with invalid JSON (#51)
    - Fixed crash in path preview when two spectator keyframes are closer than 50ms (#60)
    - Fixed hand of invisible spectated player being visible (#59)
    - Fixed time not playing in render when shift+play has been used right before (#55)
    - Fixed crash when accepting resource pack from server
    - Fixed error when replacing the source file in the Replay Editor on Windows
    - Fixed duration of restored replay that was corrupted by JVM/OS crash
    - Removed Herobrine
    Update to Minecraft 1.11.2
    Update to Minecraft 1.8.9
    - Added render queue
    - Added Replay Editor (for now, trimming only)
    - Added Anti-Aliasing to render settings
    - Fixed recording not working on Realms servers
    - Fixed freeze / stuck in "loading entity tracker" when loading big replays with little RAM (#46)
    - Fixed crash when resizing a text field/area containing more text than its width
    - Fixed cursor in text fields being offset when scrolled to the right
    - Fixed player hand when spectating animals with Shaders enabled
    - Fixed crash with 1.11 Forge versions more recent than build 2184
    - Fixed warning about replay_downloads folder
    - Fixed bugs with scoreboards and commands not always working as expected in single player (#44)
    - Fixed rendering without sufficient keyframes (#45)
    - Fixed crash when loading chroma key color from config (#43)
    - The chances of finding FFmpeg without manual user input have been improved (and the need for the batch script on Windows has been removed)
    Update to Minecraft 1.11
    - Fixed keyframe not being deselected when pressing "V" aka Sync Timelines (#27)
    - Fixed F1 not working properly while in the replay
    - Fixed duplicate (recording) player entity
    - Fixed vanilla bug causing lots of phantom players
    - Fixed spectating players past their death and respawn (#36)
    - Fixed NPCs being visible on the Player Overview (#29)
    - Fixed GUIs of 3rd party mods opening during replay
    - Fixed holding down of "V" key (#31)
    - Fixed camera rotation changing when jumping in time (#39)
    - Fixed wrong file paths when using the new Minecraft Launcher on OSX (#40)
    - Fixed removal of newly recorded replays on Windows (#32)
    - Fixed crash when removing the last remaining keyframe (#33)
    - Fixed blocks of 3rd party mods sometimes being all wrong in replays
    - Fixed rendering with Optifine's Fast Render setting (now automatically disabled during rendering)
    Update to Minecraft 1.10.2
    - Added OpenEye suggestion/download GUI
    - Added tooltips to ingame buttons
    - Added Optifine (including shaders) compatibility
    - Pressing the DELETE key now removes the selected keyframe (#19)
    - Popup GUIs can now be closed by pressing Escape (#17)
    - Instead of cluttering the Main Menu screen, we now use Forge's update notifier
    - Fixed crash when system locale uses decimal comma (#13)
    - Fixed mouse not being freed when opening the clear timeline popup (#11)
    - Fixed multiple text fields being selected (#14)
    - Fixed Replay Restrictions plugin channel registration
    - Fixed crash when using Ctrl+Backspace in text field (#15)
    - Fixed camera head being visible in third person
    - Fixed bitrate field being active regardless of selected preset (#20)
    - Fixed timeline tooltip being show where there is no timeline (#21)
    - Fixed marker not being deselected
    - Fixed markers not being removed
    - Fixed keyframe timeline not being draggable (#18)
    - Fixed crash when moving the last keyframe
    - Fixed crash when setting two keyframes to the same time via the Edit Keyframe GUI
    - Fixed camera path always playing from the beginning regardless of ctrl key
    - Fixed crash if replay_videos folder does not exist (new installations) (#24)
    - Fixed arm model of spectated player (Steve Alex)
    - Fixed glitches when rapidly double-clicking on replay in Replay Viewer (#25)
    - Fixed OpenEye downloads for people using the (horribly old) Java version shipped with the native launcher
    - Replays can be opened by double-clicking (#9)
    - Fixed crash after clearing timeline with keyframe selected (#2)
    - Fixed render settings being applied regardless of their checkbox (#3)
    - Fixed keyframes not getting deselected when moving play head (#6)
    - Fixed replays from different Minecraft version being loadable, now refuses to load (#7)
    - Fixed deleted replays not actually being deleted (#1)
    - Fixed replay not pausing after path playback (#5)
    - Fixed path rotation in certain edge cases (#4)
    Update to Minecraft 1.9.4
    With 2.0.0 large parts of the Replay Mod have been completely rewritten.
    Notable things that were in 1.0.8 but are missing in this version:
    - The Replay Editor
    - Custom Objects
    - Third person spectator keyframes
    - Lots of bugs and crashes
    All but the last one are expected to return eventually.
    - Added replay save dialog (disabled by default)
    - Holding shift while clicking "Play Camera Path" now only plays the position keyframes
    - Fixed rendering of transparent blocks when rendering with karyonix's Shaders Mod
    - Fixed 360 degree metadata sometimes missing when uploading to YouTube
    - Fixed crash when rendering with certain shaders
    - Added compatibility with karyonix' Shaders Mod when rendering
    - Added compatibility for most mods that add new entities, blocks etc.
    - Added warning before Replays, which were recorded with different mods, are opened
    - Added ODS Rendering Method to create VR videos
    - Added possibility to directly upload rendered videos to YouTube
    - Added ability to directly inject YouTube Metadata in 360° and VR videos
    - Added "Shoulder Cam" type for Spectator Keyframes to follow an entity in third person
    - Path Preview for Spectator Keyframes now resembles the entity's movement
    - The color of the Path Preview is now based on the speed of the path
    - Right clicking the Keyframe Timeline now jumps to the interpolated position/time value
    - Removed the "M" key's function to remove selected markers. This can still be done using the DELETE key.
    - Fixed rendering with the F3 Debug Screen enabled including the 3D crosshair in the video
    - Fixed the success sound being played even if a rendering was cancelled
    - Fixed own player being invisible after respawn / dimension change
    - Fixed armor and item in hand of invisible players not being rendered
    - Add option to toggle invisibility/transparency of e.g. invisible Armor Stands in Replay Viewer
    - Fixed items in hand of invisible player being invisible in first-person view
    - Added option to show chat during replay
    - Command key now also frees the mouse
    - Assets are now sorted alphabetically by name
    - Increased maximum password length to 1024
    - Fixed own arrows, fishing rods being invisible when spectating
    - Fixed particles being misaligned during default and stereoscopic rendering
    - Fixed nametags being misaligned when in first person as an animal which looks a different way than it walks
    - Fixed suffocation screen after changing worlds in some replays
    - Fixed custom brightness being reset if it is above 1000
    - Fixed spectating being quit after changing worlds or after the player dies and respawns
    - Fixed spectator mode causing floating heads
    - Fixed spectator menu tooltip showing up in Replay Viewer
    - Fixed freeze when opening some replays (e.g. "Walking around")
    - Fixed Replay Viewer overlay not resizing when GUI scale changes
    - Fixed Replay Viewer speed slider resetting when GUI size changes
    - Fixed wrong Minecraft version when using MultiMC5
    - Fixed Logout visually bugged until restart
    - Fixed scrolling the assets dropdown in the Object Manager
    - Fixed blocks turning permanently invisible once out of render distance until restart of replay
    - Removed debug output when typing in description box (Upload GUI)
    - Fixed block artifacts remaining after world changes when trimming replays in Replay Editor
    - Fixed fire overlay not being rendered when spectating in replay
    - Fixed crash when renaming of replay fails
    - Fixed race condition causing crash in the Replay Center under some circumstances
    - Fixed movement not working when mouse or special keys (e.g. ÄÖÜ) are assigned (when replay is paused)
    - Fixed end portal and world border animation not being affected by replay time
    - Fixed fire overlay not being rendered during normal gameplay
    - Fixed crash in Replay Editor when server sent gamemode -1 packets
    - Fixed crash in Upload GUI when inserting a new line in the description anywhere but in the last line
    - Fixed camera being influenced by the portal nausea effect
    - Fixed game freezing on Windows when opening File Chooser in fullscreen
    - Fixed creation of negative duration replay in Replay Editor
    - Fixed players staying invisible during normal gameplay when previously hidden in the Replay Viewer
    - Fixed malfunction of Replay Center when one of the replays has quotes in its description
    - Fixed Custom Image Objects not properly saving their Keyframes
    - Fixed Custom Image Objects losing their textures when re-joining a Replay
    - Fixed multiple Custom Image Objects using the same Asset losing their textures
    - Custom Image Objects are now stored in Path Presets in the Keyframe Repository instead of globally in the Replay
    - Fixed own player not taking some types of damage during replay
    - Fixed hands being shown when spectating a player during a 360° video
    - Fixed order of replays in Replay Center and Replay Viewer
    - Fixed suffocation overlay sometimes being rendered in videos
    - Fixed timeline zooming beyond the 30 minute mark
    - Fixed server not disconnecting when recording is disabled
    - Fixed trimming to negative length
    - Fixed input boxes overlapping text in replay editor
    - Fixed servers using SRV records being saved as the resolved address
    - Fixed random crashes related to sound volume
    - Fixed minecraft config getting malformed and reset
    - Fixed race conditions in replay viewer when changing replays (renaming, removing)
    - Fixed potential race conditions in replay center
    - Fixed rare crash on Windows due to unknown key event when resizing window
    - Added more special characters to the e-Mail address validation
    - Initial release

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    Aug 13 15, 01:06 PM

    This is great. You need to sticky this thread :)

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    in response to User37


    Aug 13 15, 01:16 PM

    This is great. You need to sticky this thread :)

    I don't think that's possible. @User1 would have to implement that first, the website is none of my business .

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    Aug 13 15, 01:17 PM

    Yup it's something I suggested on skype, but I understand that as of now there are higher priorities than new features for the forum :) But in a SoonTM update we need something like this especially for stuff you and CrushedPixel post.

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    Aug 14 15, 04:40 PM

    Yup it's something I suggested on skype, but I understand that as of now there are higher priorities than new features for the forum :) But in a SoonTM update we need something like this especially for stuff you and CrushedPixel post.

    For now, I've linked the Thread on the Downloads page.

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    Aug 14 15, 04:53 PM

    !! good !!

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    Aug 14 15, 06:06 PM

    Great, you can finally see when you take damage! It used to feel weird, especially on BSG videos where you would only take knockback. :p

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    Aug 14 15, 08:19 PM | Last edited: Aug 14 15, 08:19 PM

    Why is this so freaking amazing?
    Just, all that Java magic

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    Aug 14 15, 08:20 PM

    Why is this so freaking amazing?
    Just, all that Java magic
    Didn't you know? All developers use black magic for their software.

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    Aug 16 15, 03:31 PM

    In the newer version, my translation pt_BR will be included?

    • Developer
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    In the newer version, my translation pt_BR will be included?

    I've actually added it right now!

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    Aug 17 15, 12:45 AM

    You should also post a link to what languages the Replay Mod supports.

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    Aug 17 15, 01:27 AM

    You should also post a link to what languages the Replay Mod supports.

    I created this thread for that purpose :)

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    Aug 17 15, 01:37 PM

    Thank you very much, that you have fixed the bug, that the game crash when you open the downloaded Replays in the Replay Center.

    • Developer
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    Thank you very much, that you have fixed the bug, that the game crash when you open the downloaded Replays in the Replay Center.

    You're welcome!

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    Aug 20 15, 04:32 PM

    Found a issue on forums when theme is toggled.

    Btw. any eta for Optifine compatibility?

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    Sep 06 15, 10:00 PM

    - Fixed spectating being quit after changing worlds or after the player dies and respawns
    Is this able to be toggled on and off?

    • Developer
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    - Fixed spectating being quit after changing worlds or after the player dies and respawns
    Is this able to be toggled on and off?

    No and I don't think there'd be much use for such an option but feel free to prove me wrong.

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    Oct 14 15, 04:52 PM

    @User1 please add an option to follow a thread so you get notifications for when it's changed or a new post is posted so we get informed when it's been updated (Even though we get notifcations when a new update is out, it'd be nice for other threads you want updates about.

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    Dec 10 15, 10:58 PM

    GG with the shaders! #shaderhype #laghype #whatever

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    Dec 10 15, 11:00 PM

    GG with the shaders! #shaderhype #laghype #whatever

    Hype is Hype! Na Na Na Na Naaaaa

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    Dec 10 15, 11:01 PM

    GG with the shaders! #shaderhype #laghype #whatever

    Hype is Hype! Na Na Na Na Naaaaa

    Well THAT was a quick reply XD

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    Mar 19 17, 04:18 AM

    Sorry that this post is really late. I dont mean to post on old threads.

    I just wanted to know how to remove the recording indicator on the top left of my screen

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    Jul 13 19, 06:26 AM

    We sincerely appreciate your hard work without pay. I really like your mod.