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The translations of replay mod
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    May 13 17, 01:04 PM

    Dear CrushedPixel,
    Thanks for your making!

    I am a Chinese minecraft player, also i'm this mod's lover. I've been using it for some months. But there's no help in China and we can only download the mod 1.8 version. So I found this webside.

    Now I can use this mod rightly. But my other friends can't understand how to use this. So i have a advice about translation. I'd love to translate it so that more Chinese players who loves replay mod can understand this mod.

    Hope to adopt! Thank you! :D
    (Maybe I have some grammar mistakes. Please forgive me :P)

    Best wishes for you and your mod!

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    May 13 17, 01:07 PM

    It'll make more and more players known. Maybe it could become very pop here :)

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    May 13 17, 01:08 PM

    You can help us translate the Replay Mod here.
    You'll need account on weblate, please register using register form. Thank you!