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Optifine + Replay Mod Problems
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    Jul 14 17, 05:14 AM | Last edited: Jul 14 17, 05:17 AM

    Hey guys I have been spoiled with Optifine over the years. I am using 1.8.9 Forge. Replay Mod works when Optifine isn't in my mods folder. My game starts but when I go to a server or a offline world, my game crashes. Does anyone have a solution for this? Feel free to ask me any questions about my settings. Ask me if you need any more info.

    Spoiler: Crash Report

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    Jul 14 17, 07:18 AM

    This looks very much like that issue on the Mojang bug tracker. If nothing mentioned in there works, you're out of luck unless you planed on switching to Linux because Intel probably isn't going to fix those old drivers.

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    Oct 06 19, 10:15 PM

    Hey, I'm using optifine with my relpay mod, the zoom key won't work, I've tried rebinding the key, nothing