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How to disable Replay Mod Timeline/Hud?
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    Jul 20 18, 09:41 PM

    I'm new to this and I'm wondering if it is possible to disable the replay mod hud, I still want to keep elements such as player names, and the player's hand/weapon, but I don't want the HUD as I want to record at 0.1 speed, and using the renderer won't allow me to do that, because the FPS is only 120, rather than 600FPS as through conversion, recording 0.1 speed at 60fps will give you 600fps through an fps change. I don't understand why this isn't already an option already, it seems kind of obvious. Can this feature be added?


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    Jul 20 18, 09:49 PM

    Why can you not use the renderer?
    The FPS setting in the renderer is for the final video, it's not the amount of frames produced for one second of replay. That amount may be significantly higher (basically as high as you want).
    To slow down the actual replaying, just put your time keyframes further apart. I.e. if you'd normally have time keyframes at 0:00 and 0:01 for one second of footage, then just take the second one, move it to 0:10 and your video will be ten times as long, containing 10 times the frames while still showing the same one second of replay.