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Displaying player's HUD in video, and sound
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    Jan 25 19, 11:07 AM | Last edited: Jan 25 19, 11:10 AM

    (Google translation)
    Greetings, fashion developers!
    I had a question: is it possible to add the possibility during the rendering of the display in the player’s HUD video (armor, hunger, life, as well as the current at the entrance to the chest, to the workbench, etc.?
    It would be nice! In this case, the video will be very similar to the game in real time! ;)
    Add a function to record the sounds of the game when ren?
    Thank you!

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    Jan 26 19, 04:07 PM

    IIRC the contents of player's inventories aren't stored in the Replay, because the server usually doesn't send that information to you. The items you're wielding can probably be visible but the hotbar can't. Nevertheless, I think this would be a good idea.