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paused video playback when rendering path
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    Feb 04 19, 12:36 AM | Last edited: Feb 04 19, 12:41 AM

    hello, so i'm having an issue when trying to render a test timelapse, when i try to render the camera path, or play it back in preview mode, the replay itself is paused and shows no movement of my character, blocks being placed or broken, etc, but it does show that when i play the replay itself, but this doesn't use the camera path i set, i have all the appropriate keyframes set too.

    long story short, main issue is that when i render the camera path, or preview it, the replay itself is paused, but camera movement isn't, but replay playback itself works fine.

    rendered video below:

    Edit: i also noticed that when i preview the playback for the camera path, the yellow replay tick on the timeline doesn't move.

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    Feb 04 19, 03:02 PM

    You'll want to look at some tutorial (or the docs) explaining the time keyframes. How the replay plays during rendering and path playback depends on when in the replay you placed the time keyframes.