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Crash in 1.7.10
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    Feb 10 19, 12:59 AM

    I'm working on a new modpack for an old version and this time, I wanted to see if I can make it compatible with Replay, but during testing, after walking around a bit, I keep getting this error.

    Spoiler: Crash Report

    I really hope it's not just incompatible with Reika's mods, but I haven't tested yet to see whether it still crashes when I'm not recording or if I stay in a loaded area. It does only seem to happen when Replay is running. Have you seen anything like this?

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    Feb 10 19, 01:46 AM

    I've tested a little further and it seems to be Geostrata. I can live without that one, so I guess this bug's just a curiosity at this point.

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    Feb 10 19, 04:04 AM | Last edited: Feb 10 19, 05:25 AM

    Nevermind, it's still crashing, just maybe not as often...It seems to be both GeoStrata and Chromaticraft. Not sure what to do about that. I really want Chromaticraft in my pack.

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    Feb 10 19, 10:53 AM

    Afaict from looking at the crash report, to reliable reproduce it, try drinking a potion (or apply any potion effect to any entity; I'd imagine one of e.g. TC's entities randomly spawned which triggered it for you).
    Some mod fiddles with the EntityEffectPacket, removing (or maybe renaming) a vital method (might also be caused by incompatible Forge version, though yours seems like the best choice). IIRC the RM doesn't directly touch it.
    The full game log might contain a hint at the cause (the forum has a post length limit, you can instead paste it to If it doesn't, and you can indeed reproduce it reliably, then the only other way to find the cause is to simplify the modpack until only RM + offending mod remains.