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Liteloader + Forge not working with Replay Mod
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    Feb 11 19, 03:18 AM

    Here's some info that you might need:
    - I have liteloader with forge installed (1.8 liteloader with forge 1.8-
    - My liteloader mods are currently: Macro Mod 1.8 version 0.11.3
    - My forge mods are currently: Optifine 1.8 HD_U_I7 and Replay Mod 1.8 version 2.1.4

    My problem:
    At first launch, it was booting up fine until forge got to 7/7 and then it crashed. Then, I tried again and it worked to boot and everything was fine. When I tried to boot it up again later, it had the same issue of crashing as soon as it got to 7/7 and I tried multiple times and it hasn't worked.

    Spoiler: Here is the crash report in case it helps:

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    Feb 11 19, 01:17 PM

    This looks like it's caused by faulty Intel graphics drivers. Nothing we can do about that.
    Possibly related:
    If nothing in there helps (and you're on the latest drivers), try complaining to Intel, good luck.