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Replay doesn't show up after crash
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    Feb 18 19, 11:10 AM | Last edited: Feb 18 19, 11:11 AM

    I have a 4+ hour replay - I opened it a few minutes after recording to check it had recorded correctly - I tried to scrub through the timeline, skipped an hour in to the recording and Minecraft crashed/froze.

    I re-opened Minecraft and the replay has now disappeared from the list.

    Any way I could retrieve this data? The file is still in the replay_recordings folder so I can attach it here

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Feb 18 19, 05:58 PM

    This is about all I could recover, not sure if it plays and/or how much is missing (the new file is ~60MB smaller than the old one, so unless those 60MB was junk, there's bound to be something missing).
    The link expires after 24 hours or X amount of downloads, ping me if it does and I'll re-upload it somewhere else.

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    Feb 18 19, 06:14 PM | Last edited: Feb 18 19, 06:14 PM

    That's fantastic - thank you very much! Looks like the last 40mins or so is failing to play seems to be the missing 60mb - but you've saved well over 3 hours of recording - thanks!