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Can you release the semi-finished mod for 1.13.2?
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    Apr 20 19, 04:18 AM

    I think that the functionality that I can check my replay just like watching others in the server playing the game while I am in spectator mode.
    This may benefit us a lot. Without the mod, I have to log in another account with spectator mode facing the scene I want to shoot, and use screen capture to make the video.
    Using this method is quite inconvenient for my computer can't render two client at a time, thus I have to bear the lag when recording videos.
    Maybe the semi-done replay mod will help a lot.

    Tks for your watching :D

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    Apr 20 19, 10:41 AM

    The semi-done 1.13 version of the ReplayMod is available here:
    It won't help you though because an integral library (SpongePowered's "Mixin") which we require for anything notable to function has yet to be updated to 1.13. That means you cannot run the mod in production, you can only work on it in a development environment and only using quite a bit of workarounds can you run it there (which is how I've been updating it to 1.13 already even with that lib still missing).