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Internal Server crashing because of Portal Guns
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    May 01 19, 10:46 PM

    Hello there!

    So today, I tried to make a recording of one of my playing session, and one of my friends came at my base, holding a portal gun.
    We played around a bit with it, and then he left. However, when I'm trying to process my replay, each time I click past the moment he shoot some portals on the timeline, I get kicked like if I was on a server. But, if watch the replay, normally, every thing is fine, until I click on the timeline again to go past that point.
    Is there a way to get past that error, or is there a way to ignore this part of the replay completely, without touching the timeline?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Errors poping up in my console:

    Spoiler: Logs

    Image of the error:

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    May 02 19, 09:26 AM

    Looks like the portalgun mod has some race condition in its packet handling (possibly related to the lack of world ticks inbetween packets). We've fixed a few of those in vanilla Minecraft itself, so it's not too unlikely that there are some in the portalgun mod as well. Aside from the RM, they would normally only show under extreme network lag and as such have been going undetected till now.

    Since the portalgun mod appears to be proprietary software, I cannot neither take a closer look at it nor fix the issue myself, you'll have to get its author to deal with it.

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    May 02 19, 04:10 PM

    Race condition eh? I doubt that the creator of the portal gun mod will fix this bug, since it's pretty specific to this case, but I will try to submit the bug anyway
    Anyway, thanks for your response. I guess there is no way to salvage the recording at this point?