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Lag and Freezing during replay and rendering
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    May 08 19, 10:30 PM

    I made a 1 minute timelapse the other day of just a simple hut build I did. Today Im wanting to go a little bigger so I ended up recording around 31 minutes of gameplay and went to condense it into a 11min timelapse(maybe even and 8 min).

    Everything was fine until I started placing camera positions. If I placed more than 2 camera positions it started to lag spike. It got to a point where the game would almost freeze for 10 seconds then I could more barely half a block with the camera before it would freeze like this again.

    Its honestly super frustrating because I can’t set up timelapses because Its freezing so much.

    I even tried doing a smaller recording of a 12 minute build condensed down to a 4 minute timelapse and it still does this after about 2-3 camera positions in.

    Is this just somehing with my computer? Am I needing a certain computer spec to run the mod better? Maybe some setting Im missing?

    I also, when rendering the video out, Ill get about 3,500 frames in and then theyll just stop. I cant close Minecraft at all, I have to completely shut my laptop off, and if I minimize it the whole screen goes black and I cant ever see anything again until Ive shut my computer down. When I boot it back up Ive lost my progress.

    Thanks for reading this!