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chunk loading issue
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    Oct 03 19, 06:24 PM

    so i recorded the build process of a mountian with replaymod only to find that the chunks i was building in don't load in the replay file.

    i'm using fabric version 0.6.3 build 167 and replaymod version 2.2.0-b7, since you asked for a replay file in another thread here it is!lpcEQagD!hm-zr7hL4Z22YbCD3Bfa4UJZKD2qbjeBnXyV-KGMhws
    chunks 1 (y) 3 aren't loading and there's some others that consistently don't load at least on that server/world, if that's useful to you

    any ideas how to (retroactively) fix those? thanks in advance!