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Can't see handheld item [1.14.4]
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    Oct 16 19, 08:28 AM | Last edited: Oct 16 19, 08:40 AM

    I'm on a friend's 1.14 server recording some pvp demos and I notice that I don't have a handheld item when I'm in my perspective. You can see that I am holding a sword. I tried changing shaders and resource packs but there was still nothing. The server has a custom resource pack enabled for its magic plugins, but otherwise I don't know what could cause this besides maybe a bug? This probably goes under bug reports, but I'm not sure if it's a bug or if my settings are wrong or something. Help would be appreciated, thanks.

    Edit: I'm on Fabric launcher and the only files I have in my mods folder are Fabric API, Optifabric 0.5.2, Preview Optifine 1.14.4, and Replay mod 1.14.4.