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    Aug 12 16, 11:01 AM

    I wpuld like to be able to stream videos with the Replay Mod. Example -> You could stream to an custom rtmp server or file. This file will be imported with in the "Main Stream" and is like an instant replay in maybe an PVP Event. Of course I know that this also would need to have an pretty good PC for rendering but I think there are people in the Minecraft scene that would like to have the feature and that have the PC Power. (Like the People from the ESL)

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    Streaming from the replaymod would be impractical. Maybe try to use the PixelCam. If you want to do a 360 degree live stream, you have to wait for the PanoStream mod to come out.

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    Nov 23 17, 01:40 AM

    I just got the same idea. So what i wanted to do is make replaymod somehow generate a stream of data and send it to another computer. and let the other computer do the rendering and uploading. Also, then you can have different perspectives if you need to..... Just an idea though..... this would prob be pretty hard... just want to tell the developer that another person want to stream with replay mod if he decided to make this one day(which I assume will never come).

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    Nov 24 17, 01:10 PM

    If the data stream is going to another computer, live, then how would that be different from having a Spectator log into the world from the second machine?