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Setting for disabling X-Ray mode
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    Jan 27 17, 11:18 AM | Last edited: Jan 30 17, 08:42 AM

    The Replay Mod is a wonderful tool, however maybe a way to cheat. Even when you don't have cheats or OP enabled, you can go through blocks and see where the diamonds are, for example. This shouldn't be possible. There should be a way so that cheats / OP disabled users will not see underground. Maybe the view could black out or be transported away somewhere safe. Thanks.

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    Jan 27 17, 11:57 AM

    People who want to cheat are always going to cheat. They're going to use X-Ray resource packs, WorldDownloader (which can even be used in conjunction with the ReplayMod) etc. to find stuff they shouldn't (easily) find.
    Also, how would you determine what "underground" is - which locations should people be unable to access? This isn't practically doable.

    Cheaters gonna cheat.

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    Jan 28 17, 09:53 AM

    Uhm... ReplayRestrictions?

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    Jan 29 17, 04:47 AM

    Could just have a simple serverside mod that tells your clientside mod to not record... but that's about as far as I think CP could go.

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    Jan 29 17, 11:03 PM

    Yes. Over on The Dogcraft Server (Founder: ReNDog) We decided to disable it because of the ways it could be able to cheat. But due to the amount of people that used the Mod to make videos on their Channel we enable it to come back. But there is a few ways it could be used to Cheat. Maybe have it so you can`t go through Blocks? I`ve notice the way it works is similar to SP Mode. Or maybe have it so Admins can map out areas on a server making it so only some can have Perms? But I`m pretty sure I`ve already seen a Post like this Months ago... :)


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    Jan 30 17, 08:52 AM

    Our server cannot use this mod because of this "cheat". Our server is completely vanilla; no mods, no plugins, only Optifine. We want to make a great video, but we can't.
    One way to disable the cheats, is to let the camera not go through blocks when setting the keyframes. It means the camera should have a hitbox. Of course, when the path is calculated, it may go through blocks, so just make it so that the screen will completely black out. If the player was going through a block in a preview and then exited out, the camera could go to the nearest air block, or to the nearest player. It's not a completely cheat disable, but it is better than nothing.

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    Jan 30 17, 11:34 AM

    People could still use WorldDownloader and fly around the world in Spectator Mode and completely circumvent that.
    We're not going to be able to help you with this inquiry.

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    May 22 18, 06:23 PM

    I don't think that's the point they were trying to make. I completely agree with them, I think going through blocks should be disabled.

    I'm sure simply having this mod installed is bannable across many servers, even though the use is completely innocent. The point being made here is that people who want to use this mod for innocent intentions are going to be treated as those with bad intentions, and nobody wants that. We just wanna have good recordings.

    I actually installed this specifically to catch cheaters and it works wonderfully on mineplex, but i'm scared of using it on my factions server because i'm afraid i'll be banned unjustly, then all those hours i spent will be wasted and I've done nothing wrong.

    TL;DR please add some anti-cheat fixes to this mod thank you :D