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Precipitation - A Minecraft Cinematic
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    Apr 25 17, 09:18 PM

    Hey Hey! I was playing on a Server one day... And it started Raining... xD And these events took place on the Server... I did not plan any of these to happen, but they did and I was recording with the Replay Mod the whole time, and I guess I made a Cool Looking Cinematic out of it lol!!
    -This was Created with the Replay Mod and was Edited in Premiere Pro. :)

    -Cheers, JollyJake!

    Please Like and Subscribe! xD
    -Anything you think I could have done differently?

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    Sep 28 17, 06:22 AM

    WTF Dude.


    Yet another reason for me to give up making videos.


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    Sep 28 17, 09:24 PM

    lol Thanks, Man!! And please don't give up making vids, you'll get there! It took me years to get where I'm at and many times I thought about giving up but never did, glad I didn't! :D Thanks again!! :)