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Can you render sound ?
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    May 01 17, 03:39 PM

    I was wondering if there is a way that you could also render the sound from the Replay.

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    Aug 01 17, 05:28 PM

    I don't think that's possible. As slicedlime said in his second Advanced ReplayMod tutorial, because of how the Minecraft sound engine works, it's apparently extremely hard to get the sound into a render.

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    Aug 18 17, 07:12 PM | Last edited: Aug 18 17, 07:13 PM

    I guess, its easier then you think, if you render the sounds in a second pass.
    for each sound you would do something like this:
    imagine you want to render a sound at the position 10 seconds.
    you render the normal video to a tempfile.
    ffmpeg -y -i [tempvideofile] -itsoffset 00:00:10 -i /path/to/sound/file.ogg -async 1 final.mp4

    That is the concept for one audio file. But for many sounds, we dont want to create a new stream for every sound. So we could use sox (commandline program of linux we may need another way for the final mod. But for this showcase its enough.)
    now we delay every sound
    sox sound1.ogg /tmp/replay/delayed_001.ogg pad 10
    sox sound2.ogg /tmp/replay/delayed_002.ogg pad 12
    sox sound3.ogg /tmp/replay/delayed_003.ogg pad 15

    and so on

    now we mix them to gether
    sox -m /tmp/replay/delayed_001.ogg /tmp/replay/delayed_002.ogg /tmp/replay/delayed_003.ogg /tmp/replay/sound.ogg
    (may need to seperate in to more process, when to many sounds are given.)

    and merge it with the old video file
    ffmpeg -y -i [tempvideofile] -i /tmp/replay/sound.ogg final.mp4

    i hope i could help,
    sincerely MrBesen