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Felony - Minecraft Edit (600fps)
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    Jun 10 17, 08:41 PM

    I already uploaded the first part of this edit here and I took some of your suggestions and added more effects and made it longer... This is my best edit yet in my opinion so hopefully it looks sick... The clips are free to download in the desc and all of them were recorded by me with shaders and in 600fps so you guys can make edits with them if you want to :D Hopefully you enjoy it! :D Also in order to record in 600fps, you have to do a sort of glitch by just using ur mouse to pan around as the cameras dont work... Basically you slow the video down to 0.1 speed... record it, and then in your editor, speed it up back to normal and render in 600fps... I reccomend virtualdub for this as no other video editor exports in that high fps...