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Acheivements are showing in Replay on 1.12
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    Jun 17 17, 03:41 AM

    I put this in feature requests as it doesn't break the render, but yeah, I recorded about 10 minutes of a quick single player world, and of course I got tons of recipe updates and achievements, and when watching it back in 8x speed, it was fun watching them stack up. I bet that'd get annoying if I was trying to actually work on the footage :)

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    Jun 17 17, 04:53 PM

    Will be added in the next release. Ticket for reference.
    Btw, they are called Advancements now.

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    Jun 19 17, 03:45 PM

    Advancements! I KNEW I had it wrong :) Awesome, I figured it'd be an easy fix :)