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Constant interpolation / sharp cut
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    Jul 07 17, 02:53 PM

    Without further adieu, here is my feature request:
    Constant interpolation (an addition to the "Default Interpolator:" dropdown).
    Constant interpolation would make it so that the camera has no motion between key frames and would move only on the key frame itself. So for all frames before key frame B, the camera would be at point A; and for all frames after (or on) key frame B, the camera would be at point B.
    Since Linear interpolation was added, you can get a similar effect by having two identical key frames in a row, but a sharp cut to a new location is nearly impossible without external editing.
    In terms of practical use, It might be less resource demanding to use Constant rather than Catmull or others, But it would be excellent for simulating security camera footage.
    With that said, having the option to flag a frame to instantly cut to the next frame without transition could be a better feature to have in the long run as it could work with other interpolators as well as encompass time key frame cuts just as the film industry has camera cuts. I requested Constant interpolation because it seems easier to implement today.

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    Jul 09 17, 10:49 AM

    Sounds reasonable. I've created a ticket on bugzilla for the Constant Interpolator as it should be trivial to implement (unless I'm missing something).
    Currently, I see no reason for this not to be part of the next feature update (2.1.0). There's no ETA for that update though.