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How to change output of rendered videos?
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    Jul 14 17, 09:31 PM

    As the title says, I'm having an issue of having my videos being rendered in my C: Drive. I almost have no space in my C: Drive and need my videos to be rendered to my D: Drive. Any solutions to this problem?

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    Jul 16 17, 09:13 AM

    You can change to target file by clicking on the button with the file name:

    You can also permanently change the output folder by changing the value of "renderPath" in the ".minecraft/config/replaymod.cfg" config file.

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    Nov 08 19, 05:52 PM

    That doesn't work, I edited the .json file and the default output folder remains the same. I cannot save videos in that directory so every time I render I have to manually select the output folder - C/ is the boot drive ssd so there's very little space and I want to have absolutely nothing on it except windows files, and I've tried everything to make D/ the output directory permanently but nothing works. Super frustrating! I consider the inability to permanently change destination directory to be a bug.