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Skywars 9 | *Announcer Voice* Triple Kill!
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    Jul 20 17, 06:12 AM

    Hey guys, CircuitLord here! I hope you enjoy the video below, and if so, have a slice of cake!
    It's a lie.

    Thanks for watching, and have fun skywars'ing!

    As always, all the information to songs, mods, and all that good stuff is on the youtube page.

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    Jul 20 17, 10:40 AM

    First of all, nice video!
    Here's some ideas on how to improve it:
    - Disable the rendering of hidden entities, so all of the Watchdog "hidden" players aren't visible in the video
    - Faster action, the video feels a bit slow at times
    - Make sure no camera paths go through blocks - I really can't stand that for some reason.

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    Jul 20 17, 07:04 PM

    Thanks for the feedback!
    Well, actually, I had posted another thread on here, discussing that problem, but I didn't find the solution to it till I had already finished the video, so, next time :D

    I agree the camera movement should have been faster at some points.

    And, yeah, I should definately work on avoiding smashing the camera into blocks. Don't want to break it :)

    Thanks again for your tips, I'll be sure to keep those in mind for the next one.