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Locked Citizens 2/NPC skin issue (disappearing )
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    Jul 29 17, 04:15 AM

    I'm having an odd issue here. I'm recording on my server using a lot of NPC using the plugin Citizens 2. These NPCs are skinned with player skins.

    Upon initially playing back the replay, I see the skins. However when I jump in time to add keyframes, the skins on the NPCs go away and are back to the generic Steve skin. Jumping forward in time doesn't seem to cause an issue. But jumping backwards and time loses the skins. Also if I set the keyframes in the beginning, then jump in time to the end, set the other keyframes. I still see the skins until I render. I think when the render jumps back in time it loses the skins. However, regular player's skins stay the same no matter where I jump in time.

    Is this a known issue? Can there be a fix? Or is there a work around?

    I really want this music video to be in 360. I wrote the song specifically for this 360 behavior. But I may have to throw it out the window if I can't get this working :(


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    Jul 29 17, 11:19 AM

    Could you upload that replay so we can try to reproduce it? Please also list all mods you've installed with the respective versions (including Forge).

    From your description, this should be a sufficient workaround:
    1. Setup path
    2. Save path
    3. Leave replay, (restart minecraft?), open replay again
    4. Load path (skins should be visible)
    5. Render path (should only require jumping forward in time)

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    Jul 29 17, 03:59 PM

    I'm at work right now, but I'll upload the replay if that work around doesn't work. While getting ready for work this morning I actually thought about that same workaround. Haven't had a chance to try it just yet.

    The only mod I'm using clientside is Forge and Replay mod (I can get the versions later as well). Citizens 2 is on the server I'm recording on.

    Thanks much for the help - I'll let you know what happens :)

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    Jul 29 17, 07:45 PM

    Thanks again! I just tested it out. Saving the path, leaving replay, then going back into replay makes the skins once again visible for render!

    Can't wait to show you folks what I've been working on ;)