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Locked "Failed to load entity tracker" 1.12.1
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    Aug 08 17, 04:24 AM | Last edited: Aug 08 17, 04:31 AM

    Whenever I try to add a keyframe in the 1.12.1 version of Replay Mod (using forge 1.12 -, I get this error.

    Spoiler: Crash report

    I'm aware there is another thread about this issue in forge 1.8.9, but that user was able to solve the problem by opening the file using 7zip and deleting the file "entity_positions.json"

    When I use 7zip on my replays, the only files that appear are "metaData.json," "mods.json," and "recording.tmcpr" so there is no "entity_positions.json" to delete.

    (edit: I just realised that the version of forge I'm using isn't 1.21.1 but rather 1.21. Unfortunately, I can't fix that until Tuesday evening, so I'll update with more info then.)

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    Aug 08 17, 09:06 AM

    1.12.1 replays aren't compatible with Minecraft 1.12 and vice versa.

    Forge unfortunately allows you to load the 1.12 ReplayMod on 1.12.1 (even though the mod states that it's 1.12 only). You probably did that. That will results in replays that look like they are 1.12 replays but they are actually 1.12.1 replays and will fail to load with 1.12 ReplayMod.
    If that is what happened to you, you'll have to manually edit the replay file to be able to load it with 1.12.1 ReplayMod because it looks like a 1.12 replay. To do so, open the replay file as if it was a zip file; inside the replay file, open the "metaData.json" file and change the "fileFormatVersion" from "6" to "7".

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    Aug 24 17, 02:20 AM

    Sorry for the long delay in responding! I made a typo in my initial report- I was actually using 1.12 Forge and 1.12.1 ReplayMod. What I ended up doing instead was download 1.12 ReplayMod and changed the number in the file from "7" to "6." This solved my problem. Thanks for the help!