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connect/join two rendered video
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    Dec 20 17, 12:22 PM

    after i finish render two video, i want to join them together. so have to go to another video editor to join together and wait another 10 min or more to export the video.

    so i want to request a feature that i can join/connect two rendered video in game without 3rd party app. (NOTE: Not the connect reply, anyway it not available either)

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    Jan 01 18, 12:23 PM | Last edited: Jan 01 18, 12:25 PM

    There are many things that are currently impossible without third party video editing software. That's because the Replay Mod is no video editing software, it's recording software. I cannot think of any other recording software that has this feature, and nor does the Replay Mod have to, in my opinion. (But of course, if the devs wants to turn the ReplayMod into video editing software, then I have no complaints)