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Rule of Thirds lines on screen
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    Jan 01 18, 02:01 PM | Last edited: Jan 01 18, 02:01 PM

    You may have heard of the Rule of Thirds, a rule of thumb for anyone who creates (moving) images. I try to utilize it as much as possible but sadly it's sometimes hard to judge in Minecraft where exactly a third of the screen is. So I'm suggesting that, whenever you press a certain key like I, four lines get drawn, two horizontal and two vertical, at thirds of the screen:

    At the intersections of the lines is where you should place the important objects in your video. As you can see, although I tried to put the boat on the bottom left intersection, because I added the lines in later so I couldn't see them while taking the screenshot, I placed it a bit too far to the right.

    Such a feature does not sound hard to implement and it would definitely be useful to me at least.