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My first video using Replay Mod
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    Mar 21 18, 06:54 PM

    constructive criticism requested.

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    Mar 23 18, 06:27 PM | Last edited: Mar 23 18, 06:27 PM

    That's not bad :) Here's a couple tips for you.

    Try to avoid clipping through blocks when possible.

    Give people more of a reason to watch, for most people watching, you're just some random guy riding a horse, there's not much special about it. This could be done by maybe making it more cinematic, or funny.

    Also, the dogs constantly teleporting behind you was kind of weird :)

    Hope these help you :) Don't forget, everyone has to start somewhere, you're doing great so far. Not to self-promote, but if you're looking for some examples of how to make things cinematic-y, I make some on my channel, you can look at my most recent cinematic here :)

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask me :)