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Hotbar disappearing
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    Mar 22 18, 02:19 AM

    I just installed the mod and I really like it lot but i ran into a kind of annoying bug ...

    the mod normally records but if i exit server/world and go view a replay then go back to a server/world then here comes the problem:
    my hotbar completly disappears , no health or hunger bar , no experience level or bar which is very annoying and then the only way to solve it is to restart the game ...

    however if i exit a server/world and enter another one WITHOUT opening a replay it won't happen so i guess this has something to do with the opening of the replay because in the replay those stuff are hidden so probably they stay hidden even while playing so probably to fix it is to make the mod make them appear again when exiting a replay? devs would probably understand this better.

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    Mar 22 18, 07:58 AM

    Cannot reproduce.
    Please post the contents of the fml-client-latest.log file inside the logs folder inside your .minecraft folder to some pastebin site and link to the post here.

    Note that this log will only contain information on the last time you started Minecraft, not any previous runs.

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    Nov 10 18, 06:09 AM | Last edited: Nov 10 18, 06:10 AM

    I have the same issue.

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    in response to Neyumner


    Nov 10 18, 11:31 AM | Last edited: Nov 10 18, 11:31 AM

    Your log is incomplete, i.e. it's missing information at the start (probably because the date changed which caused forge to switch to a new log file ... stupid forge ...). Either try and find the other half of the log or just re-create the bug once more and post a new log file.

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    Nov 14 18, 04:49 PM

    Hello @johni0702,

    Previously I have reported a bug regarding to Keyframe bugs. Then you provided me a modified ReplayMod, that fixes the issue. Now I noticed a new bug, the Hotbar missing bug.

    This bug has happened for quite some time, when I exited a replay and return back to Singleplayer or Multiplayer, the hotbar vanished.

    Here is the log you required:

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    May 31 19, 03:58 PM | Last edited: May 31 19, 04:01 PM

    I also encountered this bug. I'm using ReplayMod v2.1.4 with Forge 1.12.2
    It's been several months since it was first discovered so I wonder how much progress has been made.

    As some people have already mentioned above,
    you'd have to view replay. Move timeline cursor back and forth, and then join a world. Boom, hotbar disappears.
    Restarting client will fix it, although it's quite annoying to do whenever I finish replaying.

    I'd be appreciated if developer is working on this problem.