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Remove unnecessary reloading action process
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    Jun 26 18, 04:38 PM

    *(Sorry for possible grammar errors, I don't speak english)*
    Well, I don't know how to explain this clearly, but when you move in your timeline replay, (all) the actions (like breaking blocks or changing world) that happened before the moment that you've moved are reloading again, so it consumes memory and time for processing those actions again. It's a waste of time waiting some several second for play again the replay, so where I want to go is here; It's possible to implement/fix this kind of process? I appreciate your work if ti's possible to do something for future updates of the mod.

    Thanks for read.

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    Jun 27 18, 09:08 PM

    No, the ReplayMod works by replaying the stuff which has happened during the recording and it is technically not feasible to remove that. There are some small things we could implement to make it take less time but most of them come with lots of very much non-obvious problems attached. And that all assumes an otherwise un-modded game. Once you add 150 other mods to it, all bets are off.
    See also section 1 of this post.

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    Jun 28 18, 03:57 PM

    Ok, thanks :D