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Locked Change Username
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    Jan 25 19, 07:34 PM

    My Name is Bruno.
    In 2015 i created my minecraft account and in 2016 i discovery my first mod, the Replay Mod.
    My nickname was tailscraftbr because i liked sonic a lot.
    Today i changed my name 20 times because i don't always like my name, but i decided that this time my name is permantly
    I really wanted to know how to change my name, My new MC Name is Kushikimie,
    You can see the names in here:
    But i didn't entered or download the mod since 2016, and my name is still tailscraftbr
    I want to if there's a way to change my nickname to Kushikimie, if it has, how?
    or maybe can a admin change my name?
    Thank you for the attention
    I don't speak english so correct but ignore my english errors :D

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    Feb 01 19, 12:09 AM

    Done. Asking an Admin was the only way.