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Changing The Time For Better Lighting
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    Feb 01 19, 07:06 PM

    I would like to request some sort of time changer in the replay mod settings. I play on Hypixel and some maps have really bad lighting when you add shaders. Being able to control the lighting would be awesome for like a sunset shot, or when its too dark changing it to midday. I tried a separate mod creatively titled the time-changer mod. I changed the time to night when it was day time, but when I loaded the replay, it was still day. A lot of my recordings have been messed up because the lighting is so bad you can't tell what is going on. Any reply is appreciated!

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    Feb 04 19, 03:17 PM

    Try asking on forum/issue tracker of whichever mod you tried. I see no reason some third-party, client-side, time changer mod can't work in replays (unless it merely runs the /time command).

    IIRC there's also an old feature request for changing replay time in the Replay Editor but that's just so much more inconvenient than some third party mod and if I were you, I wouldn't wait for it.