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Pausing Replay Recording on Multiplayer Servers
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    Feb 23 19, 11:05 AM

    Hi all,
    When I am recording replays (in single player worlds), sometimes I have to pause the game. The replay recording also pauses, so in the replay it is as if I never paused at all. This saves me from having to cut out all of the pauses, and I was wondering if there was a way to achieve the same thing when recording multiplayer. Currently, if I pause the game when recording, the recording continues, so in the replay there is a section of time when I am just standing still. I know this probably isn't possible, due to the fact that a multiplayer server continues running when players have paused their client, but I thought it was worth asking anyway. Thanks in advance for any help. I should also mention that I am running the server, so I have access to the server console.