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    Mar 01 19, 12:04 AM

    I have watched every tutorial on the replay mod, and haven't found a fix to my problem! So I've decided to post my problem on the forums, and here we are. Let me explain:

    I'll give you an example, I put a marker where an event happens, I went to that marker and set a keyframe. Lets say I set one at that marker which is 2 minutes and 25 seconds. So I go on the keyframe timeline and go to 2 minutes and 25 seconds, and place a keyframe. Then I went back to the timeline (top one) and go a minute ahead, go to the keyframe timeline, and put a keyframe a minute ahead as I did on the top timeline. I put some position frames down and, as the video tutorial said, this should've worked. I started the camera path and it went to the "dirt loading screen". It continued like this and I saw nothing, a minute later it went back to normal, but it showed that it had already passed the position frames, and this wasn't the only problem I had, just one example.

    Other problems I've faced are:
    unnecessary pausing, then the next time I play it through its faster then normal, sometimes slower then normal, sometimes I place more position frames inside of the keyframe timeline, but it should still go real time if I keep it in the keyframes right? Its extremely frustrating and because of the lack of tutorials I haven't found anyone else with this "glitch" and was wondering if it is a glitch or just me doing something wrong.



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    Mar 11 19, 12:39 PM

    The top and bottom timelines are not the same. The top one shows time in the replay, whereas the bottom one shows time in the video.
    So, to explain your example, if you go to 2m25s on the top timeline and then place a time keyframe at 2m25s in the bottom timeline, then you're effectively declaring that you want the time in the replay to be 2m25s (top timeline, this is saved the moment you place the keyframe) at 2m25s into the video (bottom timeline, you can move this keyframe around). What you probably wanted to do is place the time keyframe at 0s in the bottom timeline such that your video starts (i.e. at 0s into the video) at 2m25s into the replay. That is probably also why you're seeing the dirt screen, the mod just doesn't know where in the replay to be for the first two minutes of the video because you haven't set any time keyframes before 2m25s into the video.

    To make sure you're always using the same replay speed with your keyframes, you can please the first time keyframe down as you normally would, then play the replay until you want to put the next time keyframe down, adjust the speed slider to whichever speed you want and press V. That will move the cursor on the keyframe/video timeline exactly to where you need to place the keyframe to get your configured speed in the video.