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6-Image panoramic screenshots
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    May 04 19, 05:05 AM

    The title screen background in Minecraft is made up of 6 different images. I wanted to make a new menu background in a resource pack, and I thought it would be pretty cool if Replay Mod had a feature that could make these types of panoramas instantly.

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    May 04 19, 05:15 PM

    You already kind of can. While in a replay, pressing the screenshot key should open a popup similar to the render settings, if you then choose the Cubic option, it'll render a single image consisting of the 6 images you're looking for. You can then just use your favorite image editor to split it into whatever format Minecraft requires.
    I don't think adding a special option to output directly to MC's format is worth it since it's essentially just MC's Main Menu format, no one else is using it.