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Mod Crashes on Startup with Optifine (1.12.2)
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    Jun 03 19, 10:08 PM

    Minecraft 1.12.2 wont start if the forge mod folder has the Optifine and Replay Mod in it.

    It works without optifine, and works on 1.8.9. However, I NEED the version to be 1.12.2 and I NEED Optifine.
    I have tried downloading older versions of Replay Mod and Optifine, but it still crashes when the mods are together.

    The strange thing is that this used to work back then, but for some reason doesn't work anymore.

    Please help ASAP.
    - Dokrii

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    Jun 14 19, 11:51 AM

    OF has/had a tendency to break compatibility with what feels like every second update. Check the RM's changelog from the Download page to see which is the latest version of OF I've tested with the RM. If it crashes with that version, please post the crash log (to some pastebin site and link to it here).