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Can't see the replay
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    Jun 17 19, 05:12 AM

    I recorded a video for roughly around 1 hour and a half, but the replays won't show up. I can see the files under my replay_recordings, but I can't see it in the client.

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    Jun 17 19, 10:15 AM

    I got same problem. You have to get the files in the folder "Raw" out of this folder, or it won't see the replays. It's a beta so, I guess it will be fix.

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    Having replays remain in the "raw" folder indicates that an error has occurred during post-processing of the replay.

    Please search your logs for any such error (should start with "Saving replay file:") and when you've found one, post the complete log to and link to it here.
    Alternatively, if the log is already gone, you should be able to produce the same error by copying the replay out of the "raw" folder and running it through the Replay Editor (Main Menu -> Replay Viewer -> Select Replay -> Edit).