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Wierd armor noise when spectating player in replay
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    Jun 29 19, 04:18 PM

    Hello! I just downloaded the latest 1.14.3 RM release, and first of all this whole mod is a work of art and huge thanks for it!
    The weird thing I found can be reproduced with switching to a players view. You'll hear a constant armour switching noise. That's about it, and considering the mod doesn't render sound, this is not a real problem, but it is still annoying. Fix it only, if the more important stuff is taken care of :)

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    Jun 29 19, 04:25 PM

    Here's a video of it.

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    Jul 01 19, 10:53 AM

    This should be fixed with 2.2.0-b4. Additionally, I came across a bug which caused incorrect items to be rendered while spectating (only the ones of when you first started spectating them, i.e. no updates), that bug should also be fixed.