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Crash on render - 1.8.9 (macOS 10.14/10.15)
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    Jul 03 19, 08:07 PM | Last edited: Jul 03 19, 08:28 PM

    I'm sure this has been asked many times in the past, but I can't find a solution to this. Whenever I click render, high performance or not, Minecraft will crash a few seconds into rendering. I've followed instructions to directly install ffmpeg (not using brew) as listed here, but the same problem occurs.The same issue arises on both macOS Mojave and the beta of macOS Catalina.

    The logs below are from tests that were on macOS 10.15 and included a few other mods, but I have also tried removing all other mods with the same result.

    Late 2013 iMac 27", macOS 10.14 Mojave/10.15 Catalina Beta
    ReplayMod 2.2.0-b4 (1.8.9)
    Optifine HD Ultra I7 (1.8.9)
    16 GM RAM total, 4GB RAM allocated to Minecraft

    Render settings:
    1920x1080 60FPS
    MP4 - Default Quality

    No crash report was created by Minecraft. The macOS crash handler created the file java.crash in the "Minecraft quit unexpectedly" window.
    Logs can be found here (too long for forum post).

    Edit: moved logs to gdrive folder

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    Jul 03 19, 11:43 PM | Last edited: Jul 03 19, 11:44 PM

    This is caused by a bug in your graphics driver (java.crash or hs_err_pid* files are only produced for issues in some deeper system component, most of the time, just as in this case, the graphics driver).

    There's nothing we can do about it. Make sure your driver's up-to-date and then report it to whoever provided you the driver (probably apple or nvidia).

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    Jul 04 19, 07:34 AM

    Unfortunately, updating drivers isn't really a thing you can do on a Mac. Whatever Apple ships with the OS is what you get.

    Some basic googling reveals that Nvidia doesn't even have graphics drivers on the website for 10.14 Mojave yet, let alone 10.15 Catalina, releasing this fall. The drivers, if the ever are released, probably won't even pertain to my 2013 iMac (GeForce GT 755M).

    The crash files are automatically sent to Apple, so they have a very small chance of being noticed, but I can report specific bugs through the feedback app. If you find something specific, I'll tell Apple to fix it in the next version of macOS.

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    Jul 04 19, 09:02 AM

    If the java.crash file has already been sent to Apple, then they should have everything you can provide them with.
    In that case, you'll unfortunately have to play the waiting game until they've fixed it.
    You could also try playing with the OF settings, using an older RM version (be sure to explicitly save your camera path via X) or using a more recent MC version (RM should be able to load most older replays, unless they have modded content in them) in the hope of something changing and then not triggering the issue.