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When will Assets return?
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    Jul 05 19, 04:39 AM

    When will the asset feature return to the Replay Mod? Or is there a way to use them in 1.12.2 or something similar?

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    Jul 05 19, 09:32 AM

    I have no intention of re-introducing it myself since
    1) it's a non-trivial amount of work
    2) I don't use the mod myself
    3) imho it is sufficiently distant from the core of the RM, that it should be its own mod.
    Given those points, I'm probably not even going to accept third-party contributions which add it to the RM because the burden of maintaining (e.g. hunting bugs, updating to new MC versions, etc.) that code would still fall onto me. I would be happy to provide required APIs for a third-party mod which implements such a feature though.
    I'll soon be updating the docs accordingly.