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1.14.3 v2.2.0-b6 - Equirectangular Rendering Yaw
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    Jul 15 19, 12:06 PM


    I'd like to submit a bug report for the 1.14.3 versions of the Replay Mod.
    When rendering in the Equirectangular format and stabilizing the camera through Yaw, Pitch and Roll in the Render Settings.
    Videos are not being rendered with a stabilized Yaw.

    This is prominently shown when rendering attached to an Entity Players head, and instead of the 360 render being fixed on the North view it's following the Players head movement.

    - Version of Forge - Fabric 1.14.3+build.12
    - What other mods you have installed - Fabric Api and The Replay Mod

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    Jul 20 19, 03:43 PM

    Thanks for your report, this should be fixed in 2.2.0-b7.

    Also, FYI Fabric is not a version of Forge, it is a completely independent mod loader.