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Quick Mode doesn't work sometimes.
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    Jul 16 19, 10:11 PM

    I just don't know why, but when i try to do the Quick mode, it's not working, and I have this error.
    it's very weird because with my two other replays, the Quick Mode worked. So, can you fix that ?


    P-S : I'm sorry for my bad Enlgish, but I'm not very good in English.

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    Jul 19 19, 09:18 PM

    The error in your pastebin is probably not the original cause but merely a side effect of it.
    The next version of the RM will automatically clear the Quick Mode cache if it fails to load (which is the case for you) and cause the full analysis to run again which will then probably fail again due to the same bug which caused it to fail the last time.

    While that will fix this particular symptom, the original cause of the error will probably still be there (unless you ran out of disk space, that would also be a plausible cause).
    So, to fix it, please upload that replay somewhere, so I can try to reproduce it on my machine (and then properly fix it).