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Random blocks every where
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    Jul 30 19, 09:37 PM | Last edited: Jul 30 19, 09:45 PM

    Random block apear when i try to edit replay
    the further in the timeline i go the more there are.
    Forge version
    java version
    mod list
    minecraft version 1.8.9
    windows 10 64-bit

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    Jul 31 19, 01:31 PM

    I remember a vanilla bug which has the same symptoms but I'm wasn't able to find its ticker on mojang's issue tracker, so I can't verify if it's from before 1.8.9 or if 1.8.9 is affected by it as well.
    Could you please upload the replay file somewhere and give exact instructions on how to reproduce this?
    Hint: Placing markers on the timeline by pressing M will help with exact reproduction because one can click them to get to the exact time and place of where they've been placed.

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    Jul 31 19, 07:03 PM | Last edited: Jul 31 19, 07:05 PM

    i dont know how to produce this it just happens to all of my replays. i could try to reinstall mod see if it helps.
    it might be that im saving the replays incorrectly or something

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    Aug 01 19, 07:39 PM | Last edited: Aug 01 19, 07:40 PM