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1.14.4 is 1.13.2 version!
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    Jul 31 19, 11:00 PM

    I was downloading Replay mod 1.14.4. When I open forge it says ,,Mod replay mod requires Minecraft 1.13.2. Curently, Minecraft is 1.14.4 + Optifabric and fabric API mod says:
    Optifabric - File Optifabric-mod-1.14.4.jar is a Fabric mod and cannot be loaded
    Fabric API - File fabric-api-0.3.0+build.207.jar is a Fabric mod and cannot be loaded

    I don't know how to get Replay mod 1.14.4 and I need that version.
    If you know how to add Optifine (+shaders) to Replay mod 1.14.4, please tell me.

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    Jul 31 19, 11:20 PM

    As Forge already hints with the messages for the other two mods: The ReplayMod no longer supports Forge above MC 1.12.2, instead you will need the Fabric loader.
    The reason Forge thinks that the RM supports 1.13.2 is that it once kind of did but never really and some remnants of that are still present in the 1.14 version of the RM because Fabric just ignores them and so I never bothered to remove them.