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Changing the path of the save folder?
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    Aug 05 19, 10:20 AM

    Hello everyone!

    Sorry if this has already been asked. I've browsed the Help page and searched in the forum, but wasn't able to find any related thread to this topic.
    I am planning on recording a lot in the next few days - as far as I've seen, the current place where replays are saved is the computer drive where Minecraft is installed. My problem is, that this is an SDD, which has only about 60GB of free space.

    So now I'm wondering, is there any way to change the path for where replays are saved? And additionally, how much space does a 1 hour recording approx. take up? Maybe it's not as much as I expected, and I'll be able to use the SSD just fine.

    Anyway, thanks a lot and have a great day everyone!

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    Aug 05 19, 10:41 AM

    You can change the location of all the replay_* folders in the ReplayMod config file. Its name differs depending on the version you're using (and before 2.2.0 it is also be split across multiple files) but you should be able to find it in ".minecraft/config".

    The thing which takes up the most space in replays is the world. If you change dimension often, it'll be significantly larger than if you just stand at the same position for an hour.
    Also beware that significantly more disk space is required during recording than for permanent storage of a replay as the recorded data is stored in its raw form temporarily on the disk during recording and only after recording is it stored in compressed form.

    60GB is probably plenty either way. I recorded my (almost) complete coop playthrough of the Age of Engineering modpack (~9 days / 229h) which ended up using a total of 5.3GB with the largest single recording (10h) being 448MB compressed (4.8GB raw) (though again, the recording size really depends on what you're doing and you can get to that size far quicker by constantly hoping between dimensions).

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    Aug 05 19, 11:39 AM

    Thanks a lot for all the insight! I'll be continuing using the SSD, since it seems I have plenty of space to work with, and I probably won't save the replays for long but rather have them rendered and delete them afterwards, or move to my other HDD.

    Either way, I just found out about this mod today and would like to thank you for making this possible. I've programmed some smaller mods for myself in 1.12 and needless to say, it's a ton of work. I can't even imagine how much work this project must be, thanks man, you are awesome!