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Timelapse through multiple Recordings
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    Aug 06 19, 01:13 PM

    Hello everyone

    I hope this is not a duplicate of anything, I at least wasn't able to find anything on this specific topic.
    I've been working on building a marketplace on a survival Server I have, but since I often have to go and grab materials I need, this takes a while and has a lot of pauses in it. In recent recordings I've been trying to pause the recording everytime I stop building, and then later resume it when I have what I needed. Another thing is that I often leave the server instead of waiting Afk, so as of now I have a out 3-4 1 hour recordings, and I was wondering about multiple Things

    Is it possible, to kind of piece different recordings together? I would like to make the camera fly a smooth circle around the building place, but since I have so many cut up Recordings this is rather Impossible.
    Also, for the newer recordings I made, where I paused a lot, does this mean that I'll have only the footage where I actually built? Because that would be great, but a problem I have is, when I started building on day, stopped recording, gathered some mats and resumed the recording in night for a few minutes, won't that look weird? Like a sudden cut in between?
    Last but not least, for the recordings where I didn't cut out footage where I wasn't building, is there a way to make the camera move seemlessly, but still have the time keyframe in such a way, that it makes an instant jump to the next building scene? Like a cut you make in a video editing software?

    Thanks a lot and have a great day!

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    Aug 06 19, 07:57 PM

    There used to be the functionality to add together different recordings but it hasn't really gotten much testing, so it was eventually removed.
    The best thing you can probably do is copying the same timeline between different replays as explained in this video (beware that it's quite old, so some advice in there might no longer be accurate).

    Using the pause/resume functionality will still record everything (that's fundamental to how the mod works) but then cut away as much as possible from the parts where you paused and squash anything which it cannot cut into one point in time.

    The only thing you can do against sudden change of ingame time, is installing some third-party mod (idk of any but I'd be surprised if none exist) which allows the client to have a different (fixed) time than the server.

    To jump during rendering just put two time keyframes right next to each other. Should be quite obvious when once you understand how time keyframes work, so you might want to read up on that.