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Crashing while skipping around in replay in 1.10.2
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    Aug 07 19, 06:52 AM

    - Crash report from open eye:
    - Log Crash Report
    - Windows 10 Pro
    - Forge 12-18.3.2477
    - Java build 1.8.0_191-b12
    - This was in the sky factory 3 modpack from FTB with a couple of extra mods. Log has the full list of mods.
    - Skipping from the beginning to the end of the replay crashed it. This replay was about 40 mins long.
    - This happened on all of my replays in this pack and on other packs. Logs for another modpack (Sky factory 4) are available on request.

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    Aug 08 19, 10:42 AM

    Based on the crash report, it's an issue with steve's carts. There's probably nothing we can do about it, so unless you've already done so, try asking on the issue tracker of steve's carts.