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I need Help With First Person
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    Aug 07 19, 03:48 PM | Last edited: Aug 07 19, 03:54 PM

    Could anyone reply me and screenshot their screen how it will look like (and how to do) full video in first person mode ? I really need help with this (I have shitty pc and my only way to record is in replay mod, want to make montage of kills in first person and in sony vegas make cinematic mode an better effects so it will look better, PC: i5-6200u dual-core, gtx 950m, 8gb ddr4)

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    Aug 07 19, 05:44 PM

    Please help me

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    Aug 08 19, 10:39 AM

    The ReplayMod is not and does not want to be a replacement for $genericScreenRecorder. If you want to have an accurate first-person replay of what it looked like during recording (e.g. accurate movement, quick turning, hotbar, inventory, etc.), then the ReplayMod is not what you're looking for.