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Email & Username Change
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    Aug 21 19, 02:37 PM

    Is it possible to change the email address linked to my Replay Mod account, as I've come back to the Replay Mod a few times now and completely forgotten the email associated with it (I won't post the new one here publicly for security reasons). Could I also change my username to 'Andante' - I've made a request to change my username before so I hope I'm allowed to do it again.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Aug 21 19, 02:46 PM

    There isn't any nice interface for changing those. Just PM me the new data and I'll modify them directly in the database at some point.

    "some point" being at some unspecified time in the future, probably still this year, after I've gathered some more of these kind of requests (I get them quite frequently) or once someone needs them changed urgently.