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Ingame recording control failing to apply cuts
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    Sep 04 19, 12:26 AM | Last edited: Sep 04 19, 12:46 AM

    Note: I have a separate replay mod profile and directory that I copy replays I want to edit/render into from my main profile's directory, with fewer mods to maximise performance and reduce clutter. This issue doesn't really seem affected by this, however, since the replays aren't cut in the original directory to begin with and I haven't even launched or touched this profile between the replay being recorded and me checking in the replay recordings folder.

    Recently I installed a new version of RM: 'replaymod-1.8.9-2.2.0-b7', with in-game recording control (pause, resume, stop, start). I used that today to try to get a lot of short replays (for organisation and performance reasons) by hitting 'Start Recording' just before a game and 'Stop Recording' right after. I expected, as explained in the changelog, to get a lot of small, trimmed replays after quitting the game and opening up file explorer and navigating to the replay recordings folder. Instead, I found 3 recordings of the day, one was 218MB (relatively exceptionally large) and one was 86MB, the other was 1.8MB (from me checking stuff after discovering the issue).

    Another issue I've noticed, that may be related, is that a lot of my replays' names do not match the Date Created attribute of the file (I assume because the RM file uses the start time of the recording whereas I think Windows uses the time the file was saved, which might be after exiting that session?), it's usually off by a few minutes but there's one from yesterday that file explorer tells me is from today although the replay is from yesterday that says: '2019_09_02_17_14_22'. That was yesterday, but the Date Created attribute says it was created 03/09/2019 09:20 (today).

    - OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit

    - Minecraft 1.8.9
    - MCP 9.19
    - Forge
    - Optifine _1.8.9_HD_U_I3
    - Java: Not sure, I installed Forge using command line, utilising the 'slim JRE' from the standalone installation of Minecraft. If needed, I can dig deeper.
    - 27 mods:
    Vanilla Enhancements-7.7
    TimeChanger-1.0 (1.8.9)
    The 5zig Mod v3.12.4 for Minecraft 1.8.9
    SkyblockAddons-1.2.2-for-MC-1.8.9 (installed after the issue was discovered, so shouldn't have an effect)
    Sk1er Levelhead (1.8.9)-6.3
    ResourcePackOrganizer MC-1.8.9 v1.0.3
    Orange's Simple Mods-1.2
    OldAnimationsMod v2.4.2 FORGE MC1.8.9 (1)
    Autotip-3.0 [1.8-1.12.2]
    AutoGG-2.0.2 (1.8.9) (changed today, can find previous version if needed)
    [1.8.9] Powns ToggleSneak Edit V1.1
    [1.8.9] Ping Tag Mod-3.0
    [1.8.9] Crosshairmod-v0.5.1
    [1.8.9] BlockOverlay - 2.0
    (1.8.9) IngameServerSwitcher
    (1.8.9) canelex3keystrokes

    Thanks for reading, I really appreciate any help :)

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    Sep 20 19, 06:41 PM


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    Oct 18 19, 07:58 PM

    I'm in the right section I think?

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